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7 Sensual Steps to Getting Her Wet and Wild in the Bedroom

couples female pleasure how to get her wet natural lubrication pleasure sex foreplay Oct 29, 2023

Do you want to give your lover the ultimate pleasure experience? Do you wish you could get her dripping wet with desire for you? In this guide, we'll share 7 sensual steps to help get her naturally lubricated for amazing sex.


Table of Contents

  1. Turn Her On Mentally Before Getting Physical
  2. Whisper Sweet Nothings in Her Ear
  3. Use Slow, Sensual Touch
  4. Kiss Passionately
  5. Cup and Caress Her Yoni
  6. Slide Your Fingers In
  7. Go Down on Her
  8. Use Lube if Needed
  9. FAQ


Turn Her On Mentally Before Getting Physical



For women, getting turned on starts in the mind. Planting sexy thoughts and building anticipation throughout the day is step one for getting your lover wet and ready later on.

Send flirty texts letting her know how much you desire her. Compliment her mind, body and spirit. Whisper tantalizing scenarios in her ear to get those juices flowing. The brain is the biggest sex organ, so entice her mentally first.

Building up sexual tension without physical touch is a major mental and hormonal turn on. Let the sensual scenarios play out in her head before you get between the sheets. Use words to seduce and arouse her imagination.


Whisper Sweet Nothings in Her Ear


Now that you've primed her mind, it's time to engage the senses. Most women are extremely responsive to whispering. Feel your warm breath on her ear and neck as you tell her how sexy she is. 

Describe what you want to do to her later. The sound of your voice so close will send shivers down her spine. The intimacy of soft whispers helps release oxytocin, the "love hormone" that promotes bonding and sensuality.

Don't underestimate the power of sound to stimulate sexual desire. Moan in her ear as you're embracing. Heavy breathing and gentle groans signal your arousal. The sound of your pleasure is music to her ears.


Use Slow, Sensual Touch



Women crave the sensation of being deliciously teased. Avoid rushing to the hot spots too fast. Build anticipation by caressing her entire body first.

Trace your fingertips along her arms, thighs and back. Let your touch linger but remain gentle. Light scratching on the nape of her neck drives women wild.

Massage her scalp, ears and temples. Stroke her legs, feet and toes. Make circles around her breasts without touching them right away. Take your time to explore every contour.

This full body sensual massage releases oxytocin, providing pleasurable relaxation. Her skin flushes with sensation, engorging her genitals. Slowly work your way to more sensitive areas as sexual tension builds.


Kiss Passionately


Don't underestimate the power of kissing! Studies show deep French kissing boosts chances of the woman reaching orgasm.

Tilt your heads and part your lips. Let your tongues intertwine in a passionate dance. Allow the motion to become more urgent and energetic.

Swap saliva and breathe each other's air. A hot make-out session triggers a biochemical cascade of dopamine and oxytocin, making her feel closer to you.

Suck gently on her lower lip. Switch between deep tongue kissing and light nibbles. Vary pressure and rhythm to keep her guessing. Let out soft moans so she feels your excitement.


Cup and Caress Her Yoni



Gently cup her entire vulva with your hand. Apply firm pressure with your palm. Hold it there for a few moments, letting warmth transfer between you.

Start massaging with your fingers and palm. Make slow circles, up and down strokes and light pulsing motions. This full vulva massage warms up the entire genital region.

Avoid focusing only on the clitoral head, which can get over-stimulated. Work the labia between thumb and fingers. Trace around the vaginal opening. Tease the area just below the clitoris.

Let her get accustomed to your touch around her most sensitive region. Build anticipation before direct stimulation. Her yoni will engorge and lubricate in response.


Slide Your Fingers In


Now that she's warmed up, incorporate your fingers to elevate her pleasure. Make sure your hands are clean and nails trimmed to avoid scratching.

Start by tracing around the vaginal opening. Gather moisture you find there to spread on the labia. Circle her entrance a few times before sliding a finger inside.

Go very slowly at first, allowing her to open around you. Add a second finger once she accommodates the first. Crook your fingers in a "come hither" motion toward the front vaginal wall.

Explore inside to find her G-spot. This spongy, ridged area swells when aroused. Rhythmic stroking can lead to squirting orgasms. But focus on just getting her wetter for now.


Go Down on Her


Oral sex is a surefire way to get your lover fully lubricated. The hot, wet motion of your mouth provides natural stimulation.

Start by kissing down her stomach. Lick around her thighs but don't go straight to her clitoris. Gently part the labia with your fingers and lick the delicate inner region.

Point your tongue and probe her vaginal entrance. Lap up her juices and spread them upwards with broad tongue strokes. Circle her clit slowly without direct contact.

Close your mouth around the area and suck gently. As arousal builds, you can increase speed and pressure. But keep it relaxed to start. Let her wetness coat your lips and chin.


Use Lube if Needed



If she still needs more lubrication, incorporate some store-bought lube. Having it handy ensures seamless transitions without interrupting momentum.

Apply a few drops directly on the head of your penis and rub it around. Re-apply regularly. Opt for water-based lubes without parabens, glycerin or perfumes which can irritate sensitive areas.

Don't take inadequate natural lubrication personally. Hormones, medications and health issues affect wetness. Relax and enjoy the increased sensations from added slippery smoothness.




Q: How can a women boost natural lubrication during menopause?

A: Consider bio-identical hormones.  Stay hydrated, limit caffeine and do Kegel exercises to improve blood flow.

Q: What if my partner never gets fully wet even when aroused?

A: Many women don't produce much natural lubricant but still enjoy sex. Just keep lube on hand to enhance comfort.

Q: Is getting wetter a sign of arousal?

A: Yes, lubrication indicates physical arousal. But lack of wetness doesn't mean she's not mentally turned on. Communicate desires.

Q: Can lubrication issues be treated medically?

A: Yes, doctors can prescribe vaginal estrogen creams, pills or suppositories to increase moisture if needed.




Following these 7 sensual steps will have your lover soaked with natural lubrication in no time. Arouse her mind, tease her senses, take it slow and use lube as needed. Mutual pleasure and intimacy will flow effortlessly from there!


With Love, 

Kelley & Joshua



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