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You're Doing Kegels Wrong! How to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor for Better Erections

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Guys, are you looking to enhance erectile rigidity and stamina between the sheets? Whether you’re trying to upgrade morning wood, last longer in bed or unleash your full size potential, targeted love muscle exercises called kegels can work wonders! But chances are your approach completely misses the mark for real results. Read on to discover common pitfalls derailing progress then learn a better way to train for maximum sexual performance power!


Table of Contents

  1. What Actually Happens During an Erection
  2. Why Pelvic Control is Crucial for Quality Boners
  3. How to Find Your Love Muscles Through Breathwork
  4. 3 Reasons Reverse Kegels are Equally Important
  5. Correctly Timed Contractions and Relaxation
  6. Measure Your Progress with the Erection Test  


What Actually Happens During an Erection

First, a quick anatomy overview! Inside your penis are two spongy chambers running along the top which fill up with blood during arousal. Pressure of incoming blood flow from open arteries expands this tissue to its full size. Veins get compressed to trap blood inside so it stays rigidly engorged. Pretty cool system!


It All Starts in Your Brain

When you’re going about everyday business, blood flow down there keeps things healthy but not hard. Seeing, hearing, feeling or even just imagining something sexy activates your brain to send chemicals opening blood gates wider so more can enter faster than it exits.


Why Pelvic Control is Crucial for Quality Boners

Two key pelvic floor muscles power erections by squeezing closed the veins to hold blood in the penis chambers once they fill up. Having strong yet flexible love muscles allows you to achieve quicker, harder erections and maintain that rigid state for as long as you want through clenched contractions.


Balance Flexibility and Strength

Think about it like working out any other muscle group - you train for both power AND range of motion. Love muscles that are chronically tense and weak struggle expanding and leveraging force. But with practiced control, they become erection machines!



How to Find Your Love Muscles Through Breathwork

The first step to effectively strengthen your pelvic floor is learning to isolate those muscles! While stopping yourself mid-pee is the known trick to engage them, we’ll layer in the power of your breath instead. Sit or stand tall then exhale drawing your navel in and up. Squeeze the muscles to cut off urine flow. Release upon inhale.


Front AND Back Love Muscles

Once you can squeeze those front pelvic floor muscles on command, next train yourself to clench your taint on the exhale as if holding in gas. No elevator fart scenarios necessary! Inhale again softly releasing tension. Now alternate engaging the front and back love muscles together upon exhale and relaxing everything open on the inhale. GOT ‘EM!


3 Reasons Reverse Kegels Are Equally Important

Earlier I promised the most common kegel mistake sabotaging sexual prowess so here it is: neglecting the reverse action! Guys get caught up in just power contracting their pelvic floors without expanding strength too. This leads to chronically tense muscles unable to leverage force and limited erectile capacity.


Give Your Wang Room to Grow!

Think about it - clenching your fists tightly all day would drain strength and flexibility. You HAVE to open hands wide to stretch and restore full range of motion. Through relaxing, resetting length, your next grip squeezes stronger! Your expanding love muscles NEED this breathing room regularly to maintain erection readiness.



Correctly Timed Contractions and Relaxation

Properly pacing your kegels is key to remodeling muscle memory for sexual stamina. Aim for equal length holds squeezing and releasing. Start with quick 3 second intervals then build upwards. As your baseline endurance improves, Mix in some longer 30 second holds with a few quick flutters between for variation.


Measure Improvements Through Increased Control

Really engaging the exhale and inhale tied to tensing and releasing develops core awareness and regulation over love muscle responses. Soon you can stop and prolong climax at will even mid-sex just through engaged breath and pelvic floor control! Now THAT skill takes play to next levels!


Measure Your Progress with the Erection Test

Want to gauge getting better at your kegel and reverse kegel routine? Here’s an erection check you can run anytime solo. Once firmly upright, lay back flat and use just your pelvic muscles to lift your boner up off your stomach toward your face then hold it as long as you can before lowering back down.


Show Your Partner Your Pole Tricks!

As maintaining length, strength and duration of your hands-free lift improves, have your lover observe the test. Nothing hotter than demonstrating raw masculine sexual power for the one who turns you on! 

Remember fellas, a sturdy erection that won’t quit brings benefits for BOTH of you! Continue training because consistency matters.

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Ladies, help your partner put in the work - his passion prowess pays off for you too! Remember, push and pull energy flows just like in the rest of life. Dual cultivation makes ALL muscle magic stronger over time!




Question 1: Where exactly are my pelvic floor muscles? How do I know if I’m engaging them right?


Answer: Focus on the muscles used to stop pee flow and hold in gas. Feel them lift up and inward. Ensure full release of tension on the inhale - don’t just hold contractions.


Question 2: Help! Whenever I try clenching it makes me have to pee urgently! What should I do?


Answer: Very common issue. Start practicing kegels after emptying bladder fully so discomfort doesn’t sabotage progress. Proper relaxation will decrease urgency over time.


Question 3: Are kegels safe and recommended for all men or are there reasons some should avoid attempting them?


Answer: Always consult a doctor first about any new exercise routine if managing health conditions, especially bladder/urinary concerns that could worsen from incorrect technique.


Question 4: How often should kegels be practiced to maintain results?


Answer: Daily repetition cements control gains but avoid overtraining - pace yourself. Consistency over time trumps doubling routine intensity trying to speed up progress. Remember rest phases too!


Question 5: Any tips for making kegels more fun or getting my partner involved in training/motivating me?


Answer: Turn practice into foreplay! Have them whisper sexy prompts in your ear to “ release...” until you’re ready for wild playtime putting your strengthened love muscles to work!


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