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The Mystical Art of Sexual Kung Fu: Unlocking The Secrets to Intimacy, Pleasure and Vitality

couples semen retention sex education sexual kung fu Nov 12, 2023

Have you ever wanted to take your lovemaking to new heights of passion, pleasure, and connection? Do you desire longer lasting erections, multiple full-body orgasms, and enhanced intimacy with your partner? If so, you’re not alone. Many couples find themselves wanting to recreate the passion of young love, even after years together. The good news is, you can - through the ancient Taoist practice known as sexual kung fu.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know to master this mystical art for yourself. From secret techniques to hands-on tips, we’ll cover it all with an open, playful attitude. Because great sex is worth learning! By the end, you’ll be eager to start your own sexual kung fu training. So let’s dive right in...


Table of Contents


  1. What is Sexual Kung Fu?
  2. The History & Origins of This Sacred Practice
  3. Benefits for Men: Controlling Ejaculation & Harnessing Sexual Energy
  4. Benefits for Women: Expanding Orgasmic Potential
  5. Cultivating Connection & Intimacy Between Partners
  6. Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Benefits
  7. Bringing The Art Into The Bedroom
  8. Getting Started With Your Own Practice
  9. FAQ
  10. In Conclusion 


What is Sexual Kung Fu?


Sexual kung fu is an ancient Taoist practice that combines physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines to cultivate sexual energy. The literal translation is "skill in the bedroom arts". At its core, it involves specific exercises and techniques to move sexual energy throughout the body for health and vitality. This includes:

  • Breathing practices
  • Body movement
  • Genital massage
  • Mindfulness and meditation

By mastering control of sexual energy, practitioners can achieve multiple full-body orgasms, enhance pleasure and performance, and reach new heights of connection with their partner.

But sexual kung fu is about more than just great sex. These ancient techniques develop deep self-awareness and tap into our creative lifeforce energy. With regular practice, you can improve your overall wellbeing and reach higher states of consciousness.



The History & Origins of This Sacred Practice


The origins of sexual kung fu trace back over 2000 years to ancient China. Early Taoist monks believed sexual energy was the most powerful energy in the human body. They developed practices to cultivate and refine this energy through careful control during lovemaking.


These Taoists understood that raw sexual power could either be wasted through reckless behavior or harnessed for longevity, vitality and enlightenment. So they dedicated their lives to mastering their sexual energy through discipline and transmutation.


Specific techniques were passed down over generations and eventually gathered together in texts like The Secret Art of the Bedchamber and The Classic of the Plain Girl. To this day, the fundamental principles remain the same.


By practicing sacred sexuality with mindfulness and conscious intent, the ancient Taoists discovered the vast benefits possible through sexual kung fu. And now, these timeless practices are experiencing a resurgence.


Benefits for Men: Controlling Ejaculation & Harnessing Sexual Energy


Male practitioners of sexual kung fu focus on increasing control over ejaculation and redirecting sexual energy throughout their body. Specific techniques allow men to separate orgasm from ejaculation, giving rise to whole-body non-ejaculatory orgasms. Benefits include:

Lasting Longer in Bed

By strengthening pelvic floor muscles and increasing awareness of arousal levels, men gain control over when they reach climax. This leads to longer lovemaking sessions and avoiding premature ejaculation. Through techniques like the Big Draw, Million Dollar Point stimulation, and testicle massage, ejaculatory orgasms can be delayed or withheld entirely.

Increased Libido & Sexual Stamina

Ordinarily, a man’s desire and energy drop after ejaculating. But by containing and transmuting sexual energy, practitioners keep their libido and stamina at higher levels between lovemaking sessions. This leads to more frequent and passionate intimacy.

Male Multiple Orgasms

With ejaculation no longer the goal of sex, men can experience repeated non-ejaculatory full-body orgasms. As arousal builds in waves without discharge, more pleasure is felt throughout the entire body. Most men are amazed to discover their orgasmic potential.

Boosted Testosterone

Retaining semen and sexual energy keeps testosterone and other key hormones at high levels. This enhances libido, performance, confidence and overall vitality. It’s like discovering a secret fountain of youth!

Increased Attentiveness to Female Pleasure

When a man expands his own pleasure beyond the final moment of ejaculatory release, his entire focus shifts to his partner’s enjoyment. He gains the sexual stamina to take a woman into new states of ecstasy.


Benefits for Women: Expanding Orgasmic Potential


For women, sexual kung fu opens the door to profound pleasures through total relaxation and amplification of subtle sensations. Key practices include:

Discovering the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation

With guidance, many women learn to access their G-spot for the first time through massage techniques. Even female ejaculation is possible through releasing fluid from the Skene’s glands. These new pleasures lead women to embrace their full sexuality.

Increasing Arousal & Pleasure

Relaxation, deep breathing, pelvic floor exercises, and yoga increase sensitivity and blood flow to the genitals. This heightens tactile sensations during foreplay and intercourse for more intense arousal.

Exploring Multiple Orgasms

Rather than chasing a single climax, women allow peaks of pleasure to build and recede like ocean waves. Remaining relaxed without forcing orgasm allows the sexual energy to be absorbed and circulated. The potential for multiple full-body orgasms becomes limitless.

Embracing Total Euphoria

By fully trusting their partner, women can surrender completely to lovemaking. Without tension or worries, they float into elevated states of euphoric union with their lover, discovering ecstatic bliss. This is the pinnacle of sacred sexuality.

Deeper Connection to Feminine Energy

Centering awareness and consciously moving sexual energy creates a strong sense of being at home in the body and in the feminine. This unconditional self-love radiates to attract positive relationships and experiences.



Cultivating Connection & Intimacy Between Partners


Shared practice of sexual kung fu profoundly impacts relationships by cultivating deeper intimacy on every level. Partners learn to:


  • Communicate desires openly and lovingly
  • Move sexual energy in a synchronized flow
  • Maintain presence and eye contact during lovemaking
  • Prioritize pleasure and exploration
  • Provide tender loving touch with no goal of orgasm
  • Feel energy exchange through sensual massage
  • Merge in cosmic union through rhythmic lovemaking


This builds an energetic circuit between lovers that grows stronger over time. Through trust, vulnerability and unconditional presence, sacred sexuality produces emotional closeness and spiritual oneness.


Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Benefits


With regular practice of sexual kung fu, you’ll likely notice improvements in all areas of life. Benefits include:


  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Enhanced sexual health and performance
  • More restful sleep
  • Relief from stress and anxiety
  • Greater confidence and magnetism


  • Improved self-esteem and body image
  • Deepening emotional intimacy with partner
  • Heightened sensuality and pleasure
  • Increased gratitude, empathy and patience


  • A sense of embodying your true purpose
  • Feeling connected to your highest self
  • Noticing synchronicities and serendipity
  • Establishing harmony between polarities
  • Experiencing oneness with all beings


Bringing The Art Into The Bedroom


Once you’ve decided to begin your sexual kung fu journey, where do you start? Here are some simple practices and techniques to try in the bedroom:


Synchronized Breathing


Breathe deeply together during intimacy, visualizing energy circulating between you on the inhale and exhale. Allow your rhythms to align.


Sensual Massage


Take turns giving loving touch over the entire body without focusing solely on genitals. Consciously move energy just under skin’s surface.


Scrotal/Breast Massage


Massage each other’s breasts and scrotum gently before intercourse to build energy. This is very arousing.


Acupressure Stimulation


Tap into potent reflexology points connected to sexual organs - the million-dollar point, O-spot, and sacral points. This moves energy powerfully.


PC Muscle Contractions


Perform Kegels together during intercourse to awaken sexual energy and power. This channels it upwards through the spine.


Slower Pace & Communication


Move together unhurriedly with full awareness. Let signals from your partner’s body guide you rather than seeking climax.


Eye Gazing


Maintain eye contact as much as possible, imagining your souls merging as one. This builds profound intimacy.


Stay Present


When pleasure builds, avoid fantasizing or distracting thoughts. Stay centered in the moment, feeling each sensation.


Orgasm Without Ejaculation


Men separate orgasm from ejaculation through techniques like the Big Draw. Women embrace waves of full-body peaks.


Afterplay Connection


Remain close, caressing each other with deep presence. Sexual energy continues circulating.



Getting Started With Your Own Practice


Are you ready to begin cultivating your sexual energy through these ancient practices? Here are some tips to get started:


Learn The Fundamentals


Seek out resources (like our programs and events!) to learn core techniques thoroughly before applying them. Proper practice is key.


Go At Your Own Pace


Don’t rush the process or expect overnight success. Be patient with yourself as you build new skills gradually.


Practice Solo First


Get comfortable with exercises like muscle contractions, energy movement and non-ejaculatory masturbation on your own before partner play.


Communicate With Your Partner


Share your desires, concerns and discoveries as you explore new territory together. Set intentions for your sexual kung fu journey.


Make It A Loving Meditation


Cultivate presence, gratitude and conscious intent during your practice. These are meditations for insight.


Take Baby Steps


Start with simple techniques like synchronized breathing and genital massage before working up to separating orgasm and ejaculation.


Drink Herbal Tonics


Certain Chinese herbs like He Shou Wu, Reishi and Schizandra berry tonify sexual energy over time when consumed regularly.


Get Coaching & Support


Consider working directly with Sexual Kung Fu experts, Kelley and Joshua at Master Your Mojo. Or take one of their online courses to help you fast track your success through guidance.




Q: What if I don’t have a partner currently?

A: Many solo exercises benefit individuals looking to increase their sexual energy and overall health. When practiced with conscious intent, solo cultivation is very powerful.


Q: How quickly will I start seeing results?

A: With regular practice, most students begin noticing benefits in sexual function, energy and connection within a few weeks. But mastery takes dedicated training.


Q: Is there an ideal age to start?

A: While earlier training means more years of cultivating sexual vitality, people of any age can learn techniques to enhance intimacy and harness their sexual energy according to their abilities.


Q: What if my partner isn't interested in these practices?

A: Initiate your partner to these new pleasures gently. As they start enjoying the benefits, their interest will likely grow. But even solo training will still improve your overall wellbeing.


Q: Is sexual kung fu only for heterosexual couples?

A: Not at all! These practices can benefit partners of any gender or sexual orientation who wish to cultivate sexual energy between them. The principles are universal.


In Conclusion


We hope this guide has opened your eyes to the vast potential of sacred sexuality. With ancient wisdom from the Taoist masters, and a loving intention between partners, extraordinary passion, intimacy and ecstasy await.


While learning the detailed techniques takes commitment and patience, the rewards are boundless. So why not begin your sexual kung fu journey today? Join us at Or watch our latest videos on Youtube.  Just remember to take small steps, breathe deeply, and enjoy the process of cultivating sexual energy together.

The practices you’ve learned here are merely the tip of the iceberg. To reach the highest peaks of pleasure and connection through sexual kung fu, there are depths still to be explored. Let us walk this path of mutual discovery as passionate students of intimacy’s sacred art.


With love,


Kelley & Joshua


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