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The Ultimate Guide to Pleasing Her: 15 Sexy Things Women Crave in Bed

connection couples female pleasure relationships sex advice what she desires Nov 26, 2023

Giving your lover an amazing sexual experience is one of the most satisfying things in a relationship. But understanding a woman's secret desires can often feel like unlocking the Da Vinci code.

Luckily, we're here to decrypt those cryptic wishes and provide you with insider intel to blow her mind between the sheets. Keep reading as we reveal the top 15 things women desperately want you to do in bed.


Table of Seduction - Navigate Her Naughty Needs

  1. Set the Scene
  2. Take It Slow
  3. Focus on Foreplay
  4. Tease Her Body
  5. Unleash Your Words
  6. Explore Her Erogenous Zones
  7. Use Your Hands
  8. Give Her Oral
  9. Try New Positions
  10. Incorporate Toys
  11. Make Eye Contact
  12. Show Your Desire
  13. Ask What She Wants
  14. Make Noise
  15. Afterglow Affection


Set the right mood and you'll unlock a new world of sensual delights. Discover how to tap into her deepest desires for an intimacy she craves. Let's start revving up the passion!


Set the Scene

For women, ambiance directly impacts arousal. Before ripping each other's clothes off, take time to create an inviting atmosphere. Light some candles, put on her favorite sexy playlist, and tidy up your bedroom space.


These small gestures show you want to please her. Boost the romance by scattering rose petals across the sheets or treating her to a sensual massage. Building anticipation will make your intimate time that much more explosive.


Take It Slow


Once you've set the stage, don't rush into intercourse or you'll rob her of arousal. Take your time undressing and exploring each other's bodies. Build up anticipation by starting with gentle touches and kisses outside the obvious erogenous zones.


Savor every inch of her body. Let the fire burn low and slow before stoking the flames. This extended foreplay helps awaken her sensual energy so she's craving you inside her.


Focus on Foreplay

Speaking of foreplay, this is an essential phase for getting a woman's engine running. Kissing, massage, oral stimulation, dirty talk - the options are endless. Figure out which activities she responds to best and spend ample time there.


Ask her to guide your hands and mouth where she wants them. Her cues will show you how to stoke her desire. With extended foreplay, she'll be soaked and aching for penetration.


Tease Her Body

Once you know which zones are her hot spots, tease them mercilessly. Brush your fingertips over her nipples, graze your lips along her inner thigh, gently blow air over her clitoris. Come close to stimulating her sweet spots but then pull back, building tantalizing tension.


This pleasurable torture will have her writhing and begging for more. When she's finally ready to burst, her orgasms will be that much more intense.


Unleash Your Words


The mind is the most powerful sexual organ. Engage her imagination by telling her exactly how you want to devour every inch of her gorgeous body. Describe in vivid detail all the naughty things you want to do to her.


Whisper tantalizing scenarios in her ear to make her melt. When you stoke the fire verbally it will amplify her physical arousal exponentially. Let your words unleash her inner sex goddess.


Explore Her Erogenous Zones

Women have pleasure points all over their bodies, not just the obvious bits. The back and side of the neck are extremely sensual. Trace your fingers down her spine or gently bite her shoulder. Caress the delicate skin of her wrists and ankles. Explore erogenous areas beyond her breasts and genitals.


Discovering new hot spots will open up a world of sensuality and help you figure out how to most effectively play her body like an instrument.


Use Your Hands

Your hands are invaluable instruments for eliciting gasps and moans. Caress and massage her entire body with different strokes and pressures. Let your fingers wander to entice and awaken new areas. Interlace them with hers for deeper intimacy.


Learn techniques like G-spot stimulation and clitoral strokes to send her over the edge. Your skillful touch is a surefire way to drive her wild.


Give Her Oral

For most women, oral sex is a surefire path to sensual nirvana. Take your time savoring her unique taste and scent. Explore every fold and contour with your tongue. Watch her body language for cues on pressure and speed.


Suck, circle, flick - find a rhythm that has her gripping your hair as the pleasure builds. When she climaxes, don't stop. Ride the waves as you drink her in. Your mouth magic will be etched in her memory.


Try New Positions


While the standard missionary has its place, why not spice things up? Experimenting with new positions adds novelty and intensity to your romps. Have her straddle on top so she controls the motion.


Flip her over for an animalistic, primal rear entry. Stand up and have her wrap her legs around you against the wall. The possibilities are endless - adventure awaits!


Incorporate Toys

Toys provide incredible avenues to explore new realms of pleasure. Have an open discussion about fantasies and see if any toys pique her interest. Shop together for optimal bonding.

A small clitoral vibrator can enhance foreplay. You can use a dildo on her while going down on her. Anal beads are a backdoor option. Sensual accessories will unlock new dimensions in your sex life!


Make Eye Contact

When you look deeply into each other's eyes in intimate moments it forges an unspoken bond and beautiful vulnerability. Gaze into her eyes when you enter her. Lock eyes as she reaches climax.


This powerful connection wordlessly conveys, "I see you, I feel you, I'm here with you." It's incredibly intimate. Don't underestimate eye contact during sex!


Show Your Desire

Seeing raw desire in your eyes is a major turn-on. Let her see how much you want her through your eyes, your words, your body language. Groan with pleasure, grip her tighter, gaze hungrily at her form.


Showing unrestrained lust and attraction is incredibly sexy. She'll feel like a goddess when you make it obvious how insanely desirable she is to you.


Ask What She Wants

Every woman is unique with personal preferences. Asking her exactly what she wants shows you respect her individuality. Say you want to learn her body fully and bring her ultimate pleasure.


Let her guide your hands and motions into what feels best for her. Responding to her requests rather than assuming makes her feel valued. Follow her lead - her satisfaction will soar.


Make Noise


Hearing a man moan with abandon is crazy hot. Let out those deep grunts, groans, and gasps. When she hits the right spot, let her know vocally. Say her name, praise her stunning body, tell her not to stop.


Your sounds of pleasure signal she's pushing your buttons in all the right ways. Unfiltered vocal reactions will drive her even wilder in the quest to please you.


Afterglow Affection

After passionate sex, women crave affection and intimacy. Cuddle, caress, whisper sweet nothings. Showering her with tenderness grounds the experience in an emotional connection.


Make her feel adored in the afterglow. This relaxation phase is crucial for her to bask in a feeling of being cherished. Don't underestimate the power of post-sex affection!



Want to be an amazing lover? Master these techniques to give her the ultimate sensual experience. From creating ambiance to asking for guidance, these tips help awaken intimacy and vulnerability. Leverage the power of foreplay, dirty talk, toys and more for next-level pleasure. By tuning into her desires, you'll unlock the secrets to exhilarating sex that creates deep bonds. Now get out there and taste, touch, tease and please your lover all night long!


With love,


Kelley & Joshua



What are the hottest things I can say in bed?

Whisper tantalizing descriptions of exactly how you want to pleasure her body. Tell her how sexy she looks naked. Describe forbidden fantasies and scenarios. Vocalizing desire is incredibly arousing.

What non-sexual touches do women enjoy?

Try massaging her hands, feet, back, scalp, ears. Trace light fingertips along non-sexual areas like arms, legs, spine. Explore sensitivities often overlooked for more obvious zones.

How do I know if she's enjoying sex?

Look for physical cues like flushed skin, erect nipples, goosebumps. Listen for moans, gasps, elevated breathing. Does she grip you tighter or arch her back? Is she getting wetter? Tune into nonverbal signals.

How can I boost intimacy through eye contact?

Gaze into each other's eyes during entry, orgasm, emotional moments. Don't force it, but try to organically connect visually. Being vulnerable through eye contact deepens bonds.

What are her favorite sexual positions?

Have an open discussion about desires and explore new options. Woman on top gives her control. From behind provides intense stimulation. Stand up for passionate urgency. Discover exciting avenues!

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